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Warrant, DUI, Failure to Appear or Probation Violation?
Real Defense Attorney Legal Self Help on Serious Traffic Court, Misdemeanor, Probation, DUI / DWI & Warrant Probs.

Hello! Our private Traffic Ticket & misdemeanor legal self help educational content is free and written by experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys from a Defense Point of View.

We have free legal self help Articles written by licensed Criminal Defense Attorneys here and on our Traffic Court Blog.com, a custom self help search engine, Q&A and more.

Traffic Court / Criminal Court Help:

Tips for Challenging Red Light Camera Photos
Criminal Defense Attorney Tactics
How to Object to Evidence in Traffic Court
Why Hire an Expert Witness in a DUI Case?
Free Court Tips for Nearly All Cases
Worried About a Pre Employment Background Check?
Tips for Cross Examination of Cops in Traffic Court
How to Attack the Required Elements of a Traffic Violation

Auto Insurance / Car Crash Info:

Who Are the Right Defendants in a Auto Accident Case?
What If the Negligent Driver Has No Insurance?
How to Write a Demand Letter to an Auto Insurance Company
Articles on Auto Liability Insurance

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Free Legal Self Help for Traffic Court, DUIs and Misdemeanor Warrants
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How to Search for Warrants for Free
Information on how to do your own search for warrants and court case info in criminal and traffic ticket cases. » read more...
Category - General
Modified - 09/19/2012 08:40pm
How To Search For Warrants the Right Way
Tips on finding and clearing bench warrants and arrest warrants in common misdemeanor cases. How to get a court date on a warrant, what is a bench warrant. Authored by a Calfornia Criminal Defense Attorney. » read more...
Category - General
Modified - 08/07/2013 10:34am
Prosecutor's Tool Box (for Defendants)
Information and Tools actually used to train prosecutors on how to handle DUI / DWI, misdemeanor and traffic court cases. Prosecutor's guides to evidence, testing, expert witnesses, etc. Use these tools to prepare for and/or understand a case. » read more...
Category - General
Modified - 10/10/2012 11:31am
Free Traffic Ticket and Misdemeanor Court Tips from a Defense Attorney
Free traffic court and criminal misdemeanor tips written by a Criminal Defense Attorney to help you avoid the common mistakes that make court dates more difficult. Thoughtful General Education Legal Self Help Tips for nearly all cases. » read more...
Category - General
Modified - 10/18/2010 05:15pm
Attorney Articles on Common Traffic Court Problems.
Articles on common misdemeanor problems such as Dealing with DUI warrants, Defenses to Driving on a Suspended Drivers License, and How Background Checks Work. » read more...
Category - General
Modified - 08/19/2012 03:50pm
Legal Self Help Forms and Products
Going to Court yourself? Dealing with your own failure to appear? Here are our Attorney Written Traffic Court forms, and reviews of favorite independent self help products for common traffic court problems. » read more...
Category - General
Modified - 08/25/2010 03:15pm
User Reviews / Comments
Comments, customer reviews, and results from our TrafficCourtPros.com users after they have used our free self help, or hired one of our Attorney Sponsors. Actual quotes from customer emails. » read more...