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TrafficCourtPros.com was created in 2002 and is operated and maintained by Attorney Christopher Dort.  www.TrafficCourtPros.com, the original content therein and related subdomains are the sole property and trademarks and/or servicemarks in use by GenrevMedia, LLC a California Limited Liability Company with its principle place of business in California. 

Use is limited and subject to permission only. Permission to use this site requires acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

This is not a government web site or court publication.  TrafficCourtPros.com and sister publications are digital medium publications of free self-help and educational information.  Although there is legal information published herein, TrafficCourtPros.com is not a law firm and does not itself provide or intend to offer legal advice.  The opinions, recommendations, and statements published here are not the opinions of Genrev Media, LLC or its agents and are the responsibility of their author only. 

The concept for TrafficCourtPros.com was developed in 2001 by a trial attorney recognizing the public's need for help in common misdemeanors and complicated traffic court offenses. Since In the last 7 years, we have helped more than three hundred thousand users by providing free self-help, answers to questions, resources and educational content, such as the articles and FAQ of Traffic Court Blog.com. Much of our exclusive content is written by an experienced California Attorney or local Attorneys with specific knowledge that helps people navigate a traffic court problem.

We also deliver free content to other web and digital channels through our custom search engine designed for everyday people with traffic court problems.  It searches only content on the web that our attorneys have reviewed and determined to be truly useful.  As a free resource to the public packed with real useful content, the TrafficCourtPros.com Custom Search Engine helps people every day.

We also publish free RSS Feeds with Attorney authored articles on warrants, suspended drivers license problems, and other court information. The Feeds may be freely distributed, and subscribers may add the auto updating content to their own sites. The Feed is also open to public comments and questions, and a sponsor Attorney is assigned to answer relevant questions when possible.

All of our content is free, and arranged to be useful to people trying to navigate the traffic court or muni court system.

Attorney authored content is written independently by the Attorney and published here under contract, agreement or license.

For a few users, a local independent attorney has agreed to privde free case reviews via email or phone. Users who request and get case reviews may hire the reviewing attorney to solve a problem professionally if they so decide. Users can request case reviews with confidence. There is no obligation of any kind for a case review, and we have a strict "no spam" policy. Info submitted to our Attorney Sponsors is kept confidential, and we do not share or sell a user's info to solicitors or marketing companies.

In the last 7 years, our sponsor attorneys have resolved hundreds of cases in dozens of counties for www.TrafficCourtPros.com users and private clients, and made it easy for busy and frustrated people to solve their traffic court problems.

For more info, contact our Corporate Liaison at corporate(at)trafficcourtpros.com.

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