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Petition to Vacate Civil Assessment (Self Help Form)
Look Up Alameda Co Jail Inmates
Alameda County Probation Dept
Alameda County Public Defender
DMV Driver Safety Office

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Alameda County Traffic Court Help
Sponsor Attorney Info for Alameda County
Here is the contact and bio information for our local Alameda County sponsor Criminal Defense Attorney. » read more...
Local Resources for Alameda County Traffic Court Self Help
Links to traffic court resources in Alameda County and bay area, Public Defenders Office, DMV driver safety office, traffic and criminal courts, sheriff's office, etc. » read more...
Alameda Courthouse Notes by a Defense Attorney
Attorney notes on the courthouses of Alameda County, such as Oakland Courthouse, Richmond Courthouse. These insider notes are from Attorneys who have recently handled warrant cases at that location. Learn how to add cases on to the calendar, common plea agreements, and where to park for court. » read more...
Attorney Authored Self Help Articles
Self Help from the TrafficCourtBlog.com. Use the blog to research common problems, like how to clear a warrant, or defenses to a DUI. » read more...