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For 2012, We do need sponsor Attorneys in many areas to take advertising space for local geographical areas and to receive the exclusive right to receive and respond to the Requests for Attorney Case Reviews produced for the area. 

We have a special, very qualified audience.  It can provide great benefits to any law firm or solo Attorney who wants more misdemeanor and driving related cases. 

We are looking for Experienced Defense Attorneys who know how to use the Internet effectively, including the ability to look up cases on line and use email and on line payment services effectively to provide services to their clients.  
If you fit in, and are interested in Sponsoring one of our local areas, we have huge marketing value for you! Request more info on Attorney Sponsorship.

For qualified licensed Attorneys, we offer: 

1) Right to Review and Respond to all Requests for Attorney Case Review for problems in your area;

2) Ad space and Promotion of Your Practice on the relevant local pages;  and

3) Publishing opportunities on TrafficCourtBlog.com to exposure your firm and expertise to our users.  (Free Ad space if you cna write relevant content.).

And it's CHEAP! Like $50 a month cheap for some areas. Attorney Christopher Dort is also will to give some areas away for free for a limited time.

Price varies based on volume, and exclusive sponsorships are offered on a month to month basis.  Cancel any time.  At least 30 days free trial.

Interested in becoming an Attorney Sponsor for a geographical area?  Want to grow a New Jersey, New York, Minnesota or even Oregon practice? Become a local Attorney Sponsor.

Chris Dort
Founding Attorney / Editor  
cdort (at) dortlaw.com
(858) 683-3749.  

You can Start getting Requests for Attorney Case Reviews today.

"I might even be able to send you a paying client today." - C. Dort

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