How to Do Your Own Free Background Check in Harris County Texas

Want to do your own free pre employment background check in the Houston area? Want to know if you have any left over skeletons in your home town before you go to that great job interview? We have good news for you.

Harris County Texas provides excellent on line access to court records for the public. And it’s free!

In this regard, Harris County TX is way ahead of the rest of the justice world as of the writing of this article.

Harris County Background checks on county web site.

Harris County Clerk’s Web site is super useful.

This means that you can do your own free background check to see if there are any outstanding warrants, failure to appear charges, civil judgements, pending cases, probation violations, or even child support orders against you in Harris County by using the Harris County Clerk’s web site resources.

What is important to know about your background public records before your job interview? You should know if you have any criminal convictions that are public records, whether there are any warrants for your arrest, and whether there are any judgements that you dont know about, or dont have the details or facts.

If there is a skeleton or two out there, it is better for you to know in advance so that you can address it properly.

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Here are the most important county clerk links for a Do It Yourself Free Background Check in Harris County Texas:

Search Child Support Records for Harris County
Harris County Background Check Global Search

Harris County Criminal Case Search

We post these examples only for your education, and cannot copy the site for you. For the official publication and more details, visit the Harris County Court Clerk’s site yourself. It’s free!

How can you use this resource effectively? Check every section with all of your personal info. Check civil. Check criminal. Check family court.

Why check family court if you know you have no family court problem? Just in case there is a child support order out there that you dont know about yet, daddy.

Get informed before you go to that interview. It’s free and it cannot hurt you.

By checking everything, you will be able to see exactly what any employer would see about you if they checked the public records of this county.

What if you find something? Get the details. Save or print them. Figure out if you have to take action, or if you just need to be aware it’s there.

Criminal convictions that are not disclosed by a job applicant frequently cause disqualification. Criminal convictions that are disclosed properly may not cause a problem at all in some situations. Honesty often helps.

OK – we hope this helps and wish you luck. may have more useful info for you.

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