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Suspended Drivers License in California Follows to Other States. Take Care of It Starting Now

A California Suspended Drivers License will follow you. Take care of it early, maybe from home. Continue reading

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What is a VC 40509.5 Hold? It is a Failure to Appear Hold on a Drivers License.

How a vehicle code section 40509.5 hold causes a drivers license suspension. How to reinstate a suspended drivers license after a failure to appear in traffic court. Continue reading

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How Do California VC 40509.5 Holds with Drivers License Suspensions Work?

If you miss a court date on a traffic ticket in California, the court can notify the DMV of that failure to appear under CA Veh Code 40509.5. Once DMV gets the 40509.5 notification from the court, they start a drivers license suspension process. Continue reading

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Want to Complain About Traffic Ticket Collections Agency? Now You Can.

You can make a formal complaint about a Collections Agency who gives you false information about your rights in court. Continue reading

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How Does California DMV Treat a Failure to Appear on a Traffic Ticket?

How Does DMV Treat a Failure to Appear on a traffic ticket? The law allows an FTA conviction to show on your record and can become the basis of a “Negligent Driver” suspension. Continue reading

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Failure to Appear Self Help Forms Package Now Available

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We now sell a Failure to Appear Package of legal self help forms for CA traffic ticket problems with civil assessments and suspended drivers licenses. Continue reading

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How to Get a Suspended Drivers License Back After U Pay Off a Failure to Appear Case

A CA Suspended Drivers License does not get reinstated automatically after you pay a collection agency for a failure to appear case (VC 40509.5 & 40508a) Continue reading

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What is a Vehicle Code 13365 Drivers License Suspension?

Tweet One question we often get at TrafficCourtPros.com comes from people who are looking at their driving record from the Department of Motor Vehicles, and who get confused when they see a listing for a “VC13365 suspension”. To the everyday … Continue reading

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What is a Vehicle Code 40508(b) Violation? Failure to Pay, Not Failure to Appear

Vehicle Code section 40508b is a misdemeanor crime defined as a failure to pay. It is different than a failure to appear. Continue reading

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Traffic Ticket “Amnesty” in California Starts in January 2012. But Is It Too Good to Be True?

California is offering a Traffic Ticket Amnesty Program, but there are many restrictions, and even if you qualify, you get a 50% discount only if you can pay in full. Warrant cases must be resolved first. Continue reading

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Can I Get a Payment Plan on a Failure to Appear Case?

Making monthly payments to a court or collection agency for a failure to appear case is EZ. But the trick is getting a payment plan for unavoidable fines, getting the drivers license hold released, avoiding points on your DMV report, and avoiding misdemeanor convictions. Continue reading

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Santa Cruz County Stops Issuing Warrants for Failure to Pay Cases

Santa Cruz-  The traffic court landscape is changing quickly in California.  The Santa Cruz Superior Court has joined the growing list of courts giving up on using a threat of jail time to collect fines.  The court recently announced they … Continue reading

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