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How to Search for Bench Warrants, Arrest Warrants and Their Cases.

How to find a bench warrant case in California and get the information you need about an old court case. Continue reading

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What Is A PC 853.7 Warrant? How Fast Can It Be Cleared?

If you miss a court date on a CA misdemeanor case, the court can issue a bench warrant and the prosecutor can add new criminal charges under Penal Code section 853.7 or Vehicle Code section 40508(a). Continue reading

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Need to Search for an Orange County Warrant?

Orange County Superior Court has excellent online access for the public. You can get information on a warrant or criminal case free on line from the Orange County Superior Court. Continue reading

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What is a Vehicle Code 40508a Warrant? Big Trouble That is Easily Fixed.

A Vehicle Code 40508a warrant is a bench warrant for a failure to appear in court on a traffic ticket. It can lead to jail, but can be fixed quickly. Continue reading

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How to Avoid Getting Arrested on a Misdemeanor Warrant. 2014 Update

Follow these simple Attorney written tips to limit the possibility of sudden arrest if you have a misdemeanor warrant. Continue reading

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How to Find Details on a Los Angeles County Warrant Case

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The best source of information on a los angeles county warrant is the court clerks office for the courthouse where the case is pending. Continue reading

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Tips for Dealing with Bench Warrant Cases in Los Angeles County Superior Court

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To do anything on a criminal case with a bench warrant, you have to get the details. You need the case #, the charges, the bail amount on the warrant and the address of the courthouse. Continue reading

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How to Get a Court Date on a Case with a Bench or Arrest Warrant.

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How to get a court date for a bench or arrest warrant in California. You have to get the case on the court’s schedule again. Voluntary action will prevent the worst consequences. Continue reading

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FTA Arraignments: What Happens If You Miss the First Court Date on Misdemeanor DUI?

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One thing the Defendant cannot do at Arraignment? Fail to Appear. Sadly, thousands of people do it every month. Here is some info on what happens if you miss your Arraignment date on a DUI and some leads on how to correct the problem. Continue reading

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What Happens If You Screw Up DUI Probation in California? 2013 Update

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Many DUI probation defendants already have a “Suspended” jail sentence hanging over their head, which the court can impose at any time Continue reading

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How to Clear a California Misdemeanor Bench Warrant If You Live Out of State.

You can clear a California bench warrant from another state with an Attorney’s help. And the real trick is resolving the case completely, correctly. Continue reading

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How to Look Up Arrest or Bench Warrants in Orange County

Tweet | Free Attorney Case Review | Nearly all criminal and traffic ticket cases in California are handled by the local County Superior Court where the incident happened. When a warrant is issued on a case of that sort, the … Continue reading

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