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7 Questions You Should Ask Your Public Defender Before Deciding on a Plea

Get the information you need from your public defender by asking these simple questions about your case that will help you make good decisions. Continue reading

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How to Get a Preview of Your Sentence Before You Decide to Plead Guilty

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Asking for an “Indicated Sentence” is a great way to get a preview of your sentence if you plead guilty before trial. Continue reading

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Can You Negotiate a Sentence on a Misdemeanor? Plea Agreements Explained.

Most misdemeanor criminal cases end by settlement between the Defendant and Prosecutor called a “Plea Agreement”. In exchange for a guilty plea without the work of a trial, the Defendant gets a negotiated sentence. Continue reading

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Bench Warrant? How to Get Info on a Warrant Case

The only reliable source of info on a case that might have a warrant is the court clerks office of the court handling the case. Most courts have a separate traffic court and criminal court division. You may have to check with both. Continue reading

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How to Get a Better Understanding of Your Criminal Charges; Jury Instructions, Code Sections

By looking up the code section and jury instruction for an alleged criminal violation, a defendant can get a deep understanding of a criminal case. Continue reading

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What is a Public Defender? Here is what you need to know.

Public Defenders can provide great help for those who really have no access to resources to hire a private defense attorney. But in DUI cases, and warrant cases where quick action is needed, Public Defenders have limitations. Continue reading

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Orange County Public Defenders Office Can Help Clean Up Criminal Records

For those residents who do qualify for the Public Defender’s services because they are “indigent” (poor) the Public Defenders may be able to do the work Continue reading

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How to Get a Public Defender Appointed in a Riverside Co Criminal Case

Tweet Free Attorney Case Review | RiversideCountyWarrants.com Criminal Defendants who cannot hire an Attorney on their own in the US have a right to a Public Defender’s help if the court finds that they are “indigent” (very poor). The Law … Continue reading

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How to Get a Court Date on a Case with a Bench or Arrest Warrant.

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How to get a court date for a bench or arrest warrant in California. You have to get the case on the court’s schedule again. Voluntary action will prevent the worst consequences. Continue reading

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How to Find Warrants in Alameda County Superior Court. 2013 Update.

Alameda County Superior Court does not provide on-line access to criminal cases, warrants, or traffic court case details. In this area, Alameda is 10 years behind other more advanced courts Continue reading

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How to Attack the Required Elements of a Traffic Ticket Violation as a Defense

A good defense will be focused tightly on the required elements of the charge. Prepare for your traffic court trial by look up the elements of the alleged violation, and getting ready to attack one or more. Continue reading

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Free Warrant Searches in Ventura County? Criminal Case Info Is Available Free to Public On Line

On Line Access to warrant information in California’s criminal and traffic courts varies greatly from county to county. Some counties offer absolutely no on line access to criminal case info. Ventura County Superior Does a great job of making criminal and warrant case details on line free to the public. Continue reading

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