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Want Your Defense to Look and Feel Professional?  Use our Legal Self Help Forms! We offer Attorney Drafted – EZ to use – self help legal forms and videos for California Traffic Court and Criminal Cases.  

You can browse all of our available forms at our Traffic Court Forms Store. Here is a list of our most popular Legal Self Help Forms:

Demand for Trial (After PC 1214.1 Civil Assessment)
This Criminal Defense Attorney written self help form has worked in at least 4 CA Counties so far for users, and is getting great reviews.

Petition to Vacate Civil Assessment Package (with Declaration):  Designed for traffic tickets “in collections” because of a failure to appear, this is a complete Petition to Vacate the Civil Assessment with legal arguments already written for you and includes the Supporting Declaration.  This set can be used in any county as is or can be attached to the County Traffic Court’s local Petition to Vacate Form.

Motion to Exclude Red Light Camera Photo
This Attorney Drafted pre trial motion can be used in any traffic ticket trial on a citation issued from an automated red light photo enforcement camera. Comes with current case legal to support the argument that the photo is in admissible hearsay evidence. Editable. Print, and take to court with you. Hand it to the judge (or bailiff) at the start of your case.

Declaration in Support of Petition to Vacate; Use this supporting declaration as an attachment to the courts local “Petition to Vacate” form if necessary.  It asks the court to remove the $300 civil assessment fee some CA Courts add to FTA cases.

Motion to Dismiss Case:
This ready to file standard Motion asks the court to dismiss a case using authority of Penal Code 1385 “In the Interests of Justice” upon a showing of good cause (such as hardship). The form is editable, insert your own argument as to why dismissal is in the “interests of Justice” if you want to expand it.

Motion to Suppress Evidence After Illegal Stop (CA Penal Code 1538.5)
Use this form to challenge an illegal stop in traffic or criminal court. Designed to work where there is no reason for stop listed on the citation (such as Cal Vehicle Code 12500(a) cases). Word Format. Editable.

Motion to Terminate Probation Early
Use this form to end DUI probation early and thereby start the Expungement process start earlier.

Pre Trial Motions for Traffic Court Trials:
Dont go to a court trial on a traffic ticket without these effective Pre Trial Motions designed to limit the evidence. This package includes 3 different Motions that are relevant to the vast majority of traffic ticket trials in CA.

Motion to Release Drivers License Hold:
This ready to file Motion asks the court for a specific order to release the Veh Code 40509.5 Hold so that court clerk does not cock block you.

and more . . .  Feel Free to Browse.



California Courts Self Help Center Also Has Mandatory Traffic Court Forms:

There are only a few mandatory court forms for CA traffic courts, but they are free on line.  Here you can find free traffic court and criminal case forms, such as the Notice of Appeal for a traffic court case. You can also find the official, Judicial Council Forms for traffic court and criminal cases.  There are not many mandatory forms, but there are for trial by declaration, appeal, etc.  They are available for free. Browsing the Traffic and Criminal Court forms is a good way to get ideas. Most Common Mandatory California Traffic and Criminal Court Forms:

Instructions for Traffic Court Appeal

Notice of Appeal

Request for Trial De Novo

Removal of Ignition Interlock Device

Waiver of Rights Misdemeanor Veh. Code 23152 (CA DUI Waiver Form)

Each County Court May Create its Own Local Forms: It is also wise to check the web site of the courthouse your case is in to look for Local Forms for Traffic and Criminal Court cases.  Many counties will have their own version of a form, such as a request for continuance, etc.

Other Legal Self Help Forms:

EZ Land Lord Forms and Point and Click Lease Agreement
great and ez way to create totally professional lease agreements, notices and other forms. just answer the questions, done! Works great.

13 Responses to Legal Self Help Forms

  1. Jarrett Moore says:

    How far in advance of trial dates and arraignments will the DA and the Police agency need to be served?

  2. Robyn Lee says:

    I may need to file suit against the CA DMV. I face suspended license fines, misdemeanor charges, huge headache, due to a “system error.” My birthday (Leap Day, Feb. 29th) is ‘not a valid birth date.’ —— I applied for original CDL. 2 months later, I am curious about when my card will arrive. I am pulled over for seat belt ticket and SHOCKED when the officer informs me that I am an unlicensed driver, and my vehicle will be impounded. After providing my receipts for original CDL, temporary permits, and traffic citations noting me as and penalizing me for being an unlicensed driver, DMV personnel advised I discontinue driving until they could figure out the issue. It took 8 months. Oops- system doesn’t recognize that date. Meanwhile I lost employment because I couldnt drive; accrued heavy fines… I have no idea where to start.

  3. Faith griffith says:

    i live in the state of washington 11 years or so ago i got a seat belt ticket they sent it to collection i just got a letter in the mail to pay 2000 dollers or face possible loss of drivers lic wage garnishment am i legally reguired to pay it or has it been in collectoins to long

  4. Melissa says:

    I have received a red light ticket citation delivered by mail in the town of Ventura. If the LA tickets can be ignored, is the same for Ventura Supreme courts as well? Or should I not ignore?

  5. Kathleen says:


    I had a ticket which I was fighting via declaration. I filed everything on time and the court missed their own deadline by over a month and then did not get a response to me until another month and a half and found me guilty with no eveident from the other side included in the form letter they send me. Can I ask for a dismissal based on the fact that they missed their own deadline? Thanks.


    • Kathleen,

      No, you cannot get a dismissal because a court missed their own made up deadline to reply to a trial by declaration. That’s not a defense.

      Maybe if you want to fight that way – you can request a trial de novo and when you have the live trial you can claim you were denied the right to a speedy trial, and that it caused harm to your case.

      But when you request a trial by declaration you give up your right to a speedy court trial.

      And by the way – many people do not understand this – there was evidence against you. The citation the office wrote and signed is evidence against you. It is a sworn statement (verified) by a law enforcement officer which says he/she saw you break the law. They dont need anything else if you cannot contradict that sworn statement.

      And I am so sick of that issue I am going to scream it as loud as I can right now:


      I am going to be very rude to the next person who tells me they got and signed a citation but that there was no “verified complaint” and they cannot understand why they were found guilty.

  6. Sal says:

    I received a letter from the city attorney of the metropolitan courthouse here in los angeles for a violation of section v12500a, my court date is next week, what can i do to prepare myself for this?

    • Sal, Oh my poor friend! Ouch.

      What can you do?

      1. Buy a helmet;
      2. Leave really, really early;
      3. bring $20 cash and a flash light for the parking garage;
      4. get some ear plugs;
      5. get a valid drivers license before you go and bring it with you;
      6. if you have a valid drivers license with you in court, tell the baliff you have it, and show it to him/her. They may let you out early. Sometimes in LA Metro the court clerk will take care of cases before the judge even comes in;
      7. You can send an attorney like Mark Gallagher (Attorneygallagher(at) to go and do the work for you;
      8. If you cannot get a valid drivers license by the time of your court date, tell the judge you want more time before entering a plea, plead not guilty, get a license and get back with it if possible.
      9. If you cannot get a drivers license at all – just plead guilty, get your fine, and ask for time to pay;
      10. Dont eat at that fast food restaurant across the street.
      11. Stay calm. Expect a 1hr wait in line to get into the building. Expect 1/2 wait to get to the elevator;
      12. take the whole day off.
      13. Keep your ears open for gunshots. Know where the trees are. (just kidding! there are no trees)
      14. Dont wear a belt or any jewelry.
      15. Pay an attorney to go for you.
      16. Dont breathe the air

    • jackie says:

      i just got he same in the mail and i’m terriefied, i’m wondering what the outcome of your case was, if you could share it would be appreciated. thanks.

  7. Traci Dean says:

    What form do I use to have a bias commissioner off a child support case and an actual judge to hear the case. The case is in San Bernardino County and the commissioner went against a court order for support and then the commissioner allowed the child support attorney to make all of the decisions in the support case instead of him being un biased and to be just in his rulings. I showed up with a court order showing a legally binding order and he said”SO” and then ask DCSS what they wanted to to and he did it. I even showed how they had EDD start taking money out of my unemployment with out a court order to do and the existing court order showed that I don’t owe child support and it was ordered four months prior to this last court hearing. I won’t stand a chance in his court room when he’s already in contempt of a standing court order.

  8. Shannon Escamilla says:

    I am looking for a (Motion to Dismiss) Legal Form or legal info. I am fighting a speeding ticket from 5 years ago and I already payed it. I just became aware of the ticket last month and have been fighting with New Hampshire DMV because I did pay the ticket but so much time has gone by I can prove it, I have no records. I also have been living in California for the past 5 years have registered my car 5 times have even had a car accident with a cop and nothing was ever said about me not having a license in New Hampshire or a unpaid speeding ticket.
    I am also looking for a (motion in the interest of Justice) legal for or any info to see if I can call on the mercy of the court

    • Shannon, if you really did pay it, the case is probably completely closed and you cannot file anything. It’s over.

      Go to the court with your proof of payment. Get a certified copy of the final order or judgment on the case, then take it to DMV in person.

      If the case is still open in the court, you are in denial, and you did not pay a fine to end it.

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