Want to Complain About Traffic Ticket Collections Agency? Now You Can.

Been lied to by a collections agency about whether or not you have a right to a court trial? Collection agency tell you that you might be arrested? Calling you at work?  Pissed off about it? You might not be alone. 

We have lots of users every [insert period of time] sending (unverified) complaints (negative comments) about identity theft problems over old traffic tickets or citations in Los Angeles sent to a collection agency like GC Services by a traffic court. Maybe it’s Alliance One in San Diego, or some other collection agency that pissed you off? Feel you have had a bad experience and want to share? Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting complaints about specific collection agencies by name. We got our fill.

But we still take comments and make a good faith effort to tell you the truth. And if you are one of those people who feel like you experienced harassing phone calls, threatening letters, and false information as answers to your questions about your remedies in court for identity theft, false charges, or pre paid citations – you can still complain elsewhere on the web about a specific collection agency.

Not here. On someone else’s review site.

For example, a web site called the Complaints Board is now collecting complaints against California Traffic Court collection agencies including GC Services and others. No kidding, it’s a fact. I didnt make it up. People like to complain. I cant help it.

They claim you can post a complaint or story for free at http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/gc-services-c43087.html.

Rock on.

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