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Tips for Challenging Red Light Camera Photos
Failure to Appear Self Help Forms Package (Veh Code 40508(a) / 40509.5 cases)
How to Write a Demand Letter to an Auto Insurance Company
Suspended Drivers License for Unpaid Judgement Tips
Tips for Protecting Your Insurance Claim After an Accident
Worried About a Pre Employment Background Check?

Defenses to Driving on a Suspended License,
Penalty for a First Offense DUI in California, 
Dealing with Petty Theft Charges Under PC 488
How to Get an Expungement on a Misdemeanor.
Why 16% of people charged with DUI Escape Conviction

How to Get a Public Defender Appointed on a Criminal Case
How to End Probation Early (w/ Recommended Form)

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Our skilled local Sponsor Attorneys can clear most Bench Warrants, Failure to Appears, or 40509.5 holds, 40508A Warrant, Dealing with DUI warrants, Arrest warrants, Penal Code 853.7 warrants, probation violations and can help reinstate a Suspended Drivers License.  They offer Free Defense Attorney Case Reviews, for some situations and want to handle your warrant case!


Free California Traffic Court and Criminal Case Self Help.
Modified - 02/18/2011 11:34am Dealing With DUI Warrants (Veh. Code 23152)
Information on how to clear up common warrants from DUI cases such as failure to appear or probation violation. How to get bail reinstated. How to get a court date. What happens if you cannot pay your DUI fine on time. » read more...
Modified - 09/28/2012 12:04pm Favorite Self Help Tweets for CA
List of our Favorite Self Help Tweets from many CA sources. Tweets with real self help info for California traffic ticket, warrant, and suspended drivers license problems. » read more...
Modified - 11/09/2010 10:44am Traffic Court Self Help Videos
Free Legal Self Help Videos from the Attorneys of TrafficCourtPros.com. Updated regularly. » read more...
Modified - 08/26/2014 02:36pm Traffic Court FAQ Answered by an Attorney.
Attorney Christopher Dort answers commonly asked traffic court and misdemeanor questions such as: How to find a warrant, how to clear a drivers license hold, and what is a bench warrant. » read more...
Modified - 08/10/2010 06:24pm Driving Without a Valid Drivers License Violations (Veh Code 12500a)
How to Deal With Vehicle Code 12500a Violations. Veh Code 12500 is a misdemeanor violation of Driving without a Valid Drivers License as written in the code. Once in court, it can be a misdemeanor or an infraction, and is different from the more serious violation of Driving on a Suspended Drivers License, or Vehicle Code 14601.1, or 14601.2. » read more...
Modified - 09/06/2010 01:38pm What Is Drug Court?
Explanation of the common form of "Drug Court" or alternative sentencing for non violent drug offenses as explained by one of California's superior courts. » read more...
Modified - 02/25/2011 11:52am What Are Our Attorneys Doing Now? Twitter RSS With Up To Date Info
Our Attorney Sponsors are working on Warrant and misdemeanor cases right now. Here is a sample via RSS Twitter of what they are doing now. » read more...
Modified - 03/22/2009 08:36am Free Warrant Search for California Courts
Warrant search and case info links for California's County Superior Courts. Most counties have free on line case info, which includes warrants issued on the cases. In some cases, such as San Diego, the county Sheriffs Office publishes on line access to warrant info. Some counties, such as Santa Clara does not allow on line access to public court records. » read more...
Modified - 12/01/2011 11:11am Traffic Court Blog.com Self Help Articles
Headlines from self help and educational articles from TrafficCourtBlog.com. Use the blog to research a violation or defense to a DUI, how to reinstate a suspended drivers license, celebrity arrests, court and DMV news. Edited by Attorney Christopher Dort. Free RSS Feed to add content to your legal site. » read more...
Modified - 12/01/2011 11:14am Legal Self Help Resources for California Traffic Court
Traffic Court self help resources for California. Look up vehicle code sections, Contact California Highway Patrol (CHP), Look Up Warrant and Court Case Info in California. Understanding California's Traffic and Criminal Court Structure. » read more...
Modified - 03/04/2009 10:15am Look Up Additional California Warrants and Court Case Info
Free California warrant search links that allow you to look up warrants and court case info online, as well as local inmate searches. Links to County Sheriffs and local courts for traffic court cases and criminal misdemeanors. » read more...