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Free California Traffic Court and Criminal Case Self Help.   
Modified - 12/01/2011 11:14am Legal Self Help Resources for California Traffic Court
Summary: Traffic Court self help resources for California. Look up vehicle code sections, Contact California Highway Patrol (CHP), Look Up Warrant and Court Case Info in California. Understanding California's Traffic and Criminal Court Structure.

Driving Under the Influence Help (Veh. Code 23152):

DMV's Driving Under the Influence Statistics
Recent DMV DUI statistics show results of DUI court cases. They say that a person charged with a DUI offense has about a 9% change of avoiding conviction, and 7.4% of DUI arrests result in a reduction of charges to Reckless Driving.

Common Problems

Dealing With VC 12500 Violations.
Vehicle Code section 12500a is know as driving without a valid drivers license.  It is less serious than driving on a suspended drivers license, and can be a misdemeanor or infraction.

How to Fight Negligent Operator Suspensions
The Department of Motor Vehicles publishes a guide to dealing with "points" suspensions, which are also known as Negligent Operator Suspension.  Drivers with this type of suspension have a right to a hearing if they request one on time.

Information on Alternatives to Jail Sentences

How to Get Pre-Approved for House Arrest or Jail Alternatives
In some courts, alternative sentences such as house arrest, alcohol monitoring and SCRAM Bracelets are being used in place of jail sentences due to jail over crowding.  Use this link to the company that provides the bracelets, etc to get info on how to get pre approved before your court date.

California Government Resources for Traffic Court Problems:

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
California DMV publishes the California vehicle code for looking up violations, and has lots of information on how many points a violation causes, and how to get info on the status of your drivers license.

State Court Structure & Contact Information
Most criminal and traffic violations in California are handled by the local county superior court.  Each court has a traffic and a criminal division.

California Highway Patrol
How to get a correctable citation signed off by an officer.  The CHP business office will do it for a small fee during business hours.  Use this link to get the address of a local CHP office.

California Legal Library - Vehicle Codes

Law library for getting statutes, and code sections.

DMV Info on Reasons for Drivers License Suspensions
There are many reasons for a DMV suspension of a drivers license, including:  accident without insurance; failure to appear in court; too many negligent driver points, refusal to take a alcohol screening test, etc.  Get more details here.

Look Up California Case Law Decisions
California's Appeal Courts and State Supreme Court issue rulings on statutes to interpret and restrict how they are used in court. Look up cases related to a specific violation here, and get prepared for court with case law.