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Florida Traffic Court Self Help
Bench warrant, Probation violation or missed court date in FL? Might be something useful here.

Our self help resources & free warrant search linksfree Florida warrant search, Attorney authored articles, and other content is free. 

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Attorney Authored Self Help Articles
Tips for Effective Cross Examination of Police Officers
Warrant for Failure to Complete Community Service?
What to Do If Your Employer Says You Have a Warrant
7 Questions You Should Ask Your Public Defender
What Happens If You Miss the First Court Date on a DUI              
 Local Florida Legal Self Help Resources

Check the Status of Your Florida Drivers License Florida Public Defenders Association
Florida Rules of Court for Traffic Court Warrants

Florida Traffic Court Self Help
Florida Rules of Court on Traffic Court Warrants, Failure to Appear
Anyone dealing with a warrant or failure to appear on a Florida Traffic Citation should read the court rules before going to court to get fully prepared. Florida has a separate set of Traffic Court Rules of Court, and here we reprint and analyze sections dealing with warrants, and missed court dates. » read more...
Look Up Florida Warrants and Court Case Info
Free Florida warrant search links that allow you to look up warrants and court case info online, as well as local inmate searches. Links to County Sheriffs and local courts for traffic court cases and criminal misdemeanors. » read more...
Legal Self Help Links for Florida Criminal Misdemeanors & Infractions
Traffic Court and misdemeanor self help resources for Florida. Look up vehicle code sections, Contact State Police, Look Up Warrant and Court Case Info in Florida. Understanding Florida's Traffic and Criminal Court Structure. » read more...
Florida Criminal Law Blog
Florida criminal law news feed items Published by Attorney, Kevin Comer & William Moore, P.A. » read more...
Local Traffic and Criminal Court Info
Useful information that describes how the Florida courts work. » read more...