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Free Legal Self Help for Traffic Court, DUIs and Misdemeanor Warrants > Attorney Articles on Common Traffic Court Problems.
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Modified - 10/18/2010 05:15pm
Attorney Articles on Common Traffic Court Problems.
Summary: Articles on common misdemeanor problems such as Dealing with DUI warrants, Defenses to Driving on a Suspended Drivers License, and How Background Checks Work.
The articles below were written by Criminal Defense Attorneys experienced in handling failure to appear charges, DUI / DWI arrests, probation violations, drug court cases, and bench warrant problems. 

How to End Probation Early.

When Do Warrants Expire?

Can a Case Be Transferred to Another Court?

How to Disqualify a Biased Judge

Using  Statements from a Witness in a Traffic Court Trial.

How to Clear a California Warrant if You Live Out of State.

How to Get a Public Defender

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