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Modified - 08/25/2010 03:15pm
User Reviews / Comments
Summary: Comments, customer reviews, and results from our TrafficCourtPros.com users after they have used our free self help, or hired one of our Attorney Sponsors. Actual quotes from customer emails.
All cases are different and these are not predictions on your case or problem. Not all users have excellent outcomes.

Quotes from actual Traffic Court Pros.com users:

"I really must express my gratitude at the help you freely provided me so i could take care of my court issues, Your patience has been much appreciated and it is through your help and experience that I have managed to get trial dates when the court Itself had denied them to me."  (March 2010)

"WoW...I have to say that I'm truly impressed with the outcome of my case.  . . . You not only saved me a ton of money that I was totally willing to pay, you also saved my license, my job and my integrity.  I love the fact that I never had to spend any time sitting in some court .  But my absolute favorite part is that I didn't have to pay those nasty court collectors a dime!  You far exceeded any expectation that I had for your service." - July 2009 LA County 

"Thanks again for handling my case so successfully.  I'm pleased with the outcome."  (San Mateo California June 2009)

Thank you again for doing an excellent job with [the] case, she was very relieved and happy, and it made for a great birthday gift for her."  (Monterey County June 2009)

"Thank you so much for everything . . . I will refer you to everyone, and everyone...you are truly the best. . . . I was expecting to pay thousands." (Santa Ana Courthouse 11/2007)

"Thank you for helping me with this case. I certainly will keep you in mind and highly recommend you to friends and family.. " (Orange County Superior 11/2007)

"Well done! It is such a relief to take care of this. I am very pleased with the result and will let all my friends and colleagues in LA know about you. You provide an excellent, thorough service. " (Los Angeles Co.)

"The sun shines today. My Driver's License is restored. This is one of those times where 2 simple words hardly seem enough -- Thank You!" (Los Angeles Co.)

"I prayed about this yesterday hard and I feel that my prayers are answered by your thorough response." (Monterey County 2009)