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Free Legal Self Help for Traffic Court, DUIs and Misdemeanor Warrants > Free Traffic Ticket and Misdemeanor Court Tips from a Defense Attorney
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Modified - 10/10/2012 11:31am
Free Traffic Ticket and Misdemeanor Court Tips from a Defense Attorney
Summary: Free traffic court and criminal misdemeanor tips written by a Criminal Defense Attorney to help you avoid the common mistakes that make court dates more difficult. Thoughtful General Education Legal Self Help Tips for nearly all cases.

Free Criminal Misdemeanor and Traffic Court Self Help Tips
By: Attorney Christopher Dort. More Free Legal Self Help Articles @ TrafficCourtBlog.com

Here are some really useful court tips written by a Criminal Defense Trial Attorney that may lower your stress, and make a traffic ticket or misdemeanor problem easier to deal with:

1) If you pay a fine, make sure you get proof you paid. If you do not have proof you paid, you did not pay.

2) Do not ever throw a traffic ticket or citation away.

3) If you sign a traffic ticket with a court date listed on it, do not assume the court is going to send you something. Mark the date on your calendar.  Set an alarm for several days early. Plan to show up in court on or before the date and time listed on your ticket by your signature.

4) If you are not sure what will happen if you plead guilty, you can ask the judge for an indicated sentence.

5) Make sure your local Department of Motor Vehicles always has your current address.  The law requires licensed drivers to notify the DMV right away of any change in address. Read the mail that comes from them.

6) Do not leave any court appearance without getting paperwork from the court clerk that tells you what happened (minute order) and that proves you were there.

7) Inform your Defense Attorney or public defender of any witnesses in your case as soon as possible, including their names, addresses, and phone numbers.
8) Do not talk about your criminal case with other people, even if they say they are trying to help you. This means do not speak to the police, the passenger in your car, the State’s Attorney (prosecutors), the security guard, or your cell mate. Any one you speak to about your case can become a witness against you.

9) Do not miss court and expect to be able to call the court and ask for a new date. If you do miss a required court date, contact your Attorney as soon as possible to get your case back on calendar if possible, or go to court in person ASAP.

10) A
sk the Judge for what you want.  Dont be afraid to ask or the date you want, or to ask for a dismissal
Remember that
You can always ask a judge to give you more time to pay a fine.  If the Judge says "Pay in 30 days" ask for 120 days if you need it.  The Court does want to see you succeed in paying a fine;

11) Arrive to court appearances early. Be on time for court. There are very few good reasons for missing court and the judge can issue a warrant for your arrest if you are not present to a required appearance. Getting into any court building always takes more time than you think it will.

12) Expect your court appearances to take all day.  They probably will not take that long, but you can reduce stress and frustration by thinking about it that way.

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