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New York Traffic Court Self Help
Warrant or Failure to Appear in NY? Probation Violation? Might Find Something Useful Here!

Our free legal self help resources, free inmate and warrant search links, Attorney written self help articles, and other educational content is free. 

Use our Legal Self Help Custom Search, which searches only sites our Attorneys have screened. For example, you can find out why New York's Driving Under the Influence law (Vehicle and Traffic Code section 1194) is now the toughest DWI law in the US.

Attorney Authored Self Help

How to get a Preview of Your Sentence
How to Write a Demand Letter to Insurance Co
How to Avoid Convicting Yourself in Traffic Trial
How to Find Bench or Arrest Warrants

and more . . .

Local New York Self Help Resources

Look Up NYC Criminal Case Records
Common Drug and Alcohol Violation Statutes
Help for Cleaning Up Rap Sheet or Criminal Record
NYC Department of Probation
What is the Role of Probation After Arrest?

and more . . .

New York Traffic Court Self Help
Free Legal Self Help Links for New York
Traffic Court self help resources for New York. Look up vehicle code sections, Contact State Police, Look Up Warrant and Court Case Info in New York. Understanding New York's Traffic and Criminal Court Structure. » read more...
Common Drug and Alcohol Violation Statutes in New York
A list of the statutes people are usually charged with when there is a drug or alcohol offense alleged. Get prepared by reading the statute in advance. » read more...
Look Up New York Warrants and Court Case Info
Free New York warrant search links that allow you to look up warrants and court case info online, as well as local inmate searches. Links to County Sheriffs and local courts for traffic court cases and criminal misdemeanors. » read more...
Local Traffic and Criminal Court Info
Useful information that describes how the New York courts work. » read more...