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How to Find Warrants in Colorado Springs
Summary: How to find warrant and missed court date info in the Municipal and El Paso County Courts

How to Find Municipal Court Warrants in Colorado Springs

The Colorado Springs Municipal Court handles all types of traffic and criminal violations written by Colorado Springs City Police or on city law violations. The Colorado Springs Municipal Court does issue warrants for people who have missed their court appearance dates.

As a courtesy, before sending the police, the municipal court sends notification letters to people for whom judges have issued bench warrants. Bench warrants are court orders to the police to arrest someone and place them in custody until the court reconvenes.

Municipal court warrants are issued for one's failure to appear in court at a scheduled court date as promised in writing (traffic ticket or citation), or for their failure to pay a fine by a designated date as promised, or for their failure to comply with other orders of the court.

The judge issuing the warrant will usually set a dollar amount of bail, which defendants must pay to secure their release from custody if arrested on the warrant.

The case #, Bail Setting and other case details such as charges may be obtained by calling the court at (719) 385-6153 or e-mail:
mcourt[at]springsgov.com according to the court's web site.  We recommend visiting the court in person to get the most accurate information on a warrant case.  More Info from the Court.

El Paso County Court (4th Judicial District).

This court handles traffic court and criminal cases from the El Paso County Sheriff or the State Police. If you cant find your case in the Municipal Court, check in this court. To get warrant info in this court, the best option is to visit or call the court clerk in person.