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Cook County Traffic Court Help
Help for Bench Warrants, Failure to Appear & DUI Probation Problems in Cook Co IL

Bench Warrant, DUI Probation Problem, or Failure to Appear case in the Chicago area? Start here.

Our legal self help content is free. Our local Sponsor Defense Attorney offers Free Attorney Case Reviews and we have Attorney Authored fee self help articles on our Traffic Court Blog.com

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In most Cook County misdemeanor warrant & probation violation cases, an Attorney can go to court for you and clear bench warrants, minor probation violations and drivers license holds without interrupting your life.  Do you have that kind of case? Request a Free Attorney Case Review.

Attorney Authored Self Help Articles

Tips for Challenging Red Light Camera Photos
Tips for Arguing in Court (Category)What is Drug Court?
What If U Have Accident w/o Insurance?

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 Local Self Help resources

Cook County Circuit Court Clerks Office
How to Seal a case or Get an Expungement in Cook Co
Cook County Record Sealing Forms
Typical DUI Sentences in Illinois
Tips for Dealing w/ Warrants & FTAs
Domestic Violence Help (court resources)

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Chicago Area Traffic Court Help
Local Cook County Self Help Resource Collection
Links to resources that are useful to people with serious traffic court and criminal misdemeanor problems such as a failure to appear, warrant, probation violation or suspended drivers license. Public Defender, Court Clerk, etc. Screened by an attorney to ensure solid free self help info. » read more...
How Cook County Traffic and Criminal Courts are Oraganized
How to find out which Chicago area court a warrant case may be in. Information on how the criminal and traffic courts of Cook County are organized. » read more...
How to Seal a Case or Get an Expungement in Cook County
Information on how to clear a criminal misdemeanor record with or without an attorney. » read more...
Tips for Dealing with Warrants and Missed Court Dates
General notes from an attorney on how to avoid mistakes with a warrant case. » read more...