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Blog Articles on New York Issues
What Evidence to Expect in Speeding Trial
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Worried About a Background Check?
What is a Public Defender?

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How to Clear a Suffolk County District Court Warrant
Suffolk County District Court Criminal Division
Small Claims Court Guide for Suffolk County

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Suffolk County NY Legal Help for Traffic Court and Misdemeanors
How to Clear a Suffolk County Traffic or Criminal Warrant
Instructions on how to ask the court to vacate a traffic ticket or misdemeanor warrant in Suffolk, NY based upon District court publications. » read more...
Local Suffolk County Self Help Resources
Local self help links added and collected by defense attorneys to ensure that they provide, real, free self help content for serious traffic court and common misdemeanor problems in suffolk county. » read more...
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Contact and biographical info for the Criminal Defense Attorney who has agreed to accept, review, and where appropriate, respond to Requests for Attorney Case Review for misdemeanor and serious traffic court problems in Suffolk County. » read more...