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Suffolk County NY Legal Help for Traffic Court and Misdemeanors > How to Clear a Suffolk County Traffic or Criminal Warrant
How to Clear a Suffolk County Traffic or Criminal Warrant
Summary: Instructions on how to ask the court to vacate a traffic ticket or misdemeanor warrant in Suffolk, NY based upon District court publications.

If you need to clear a warrant case that started as a traffic court ticket or misdemeanor criminal case in Suffolk County, you can ask the court to recall the warrant before being arrested.  Most warrants are issued due to missed court dates or a failure to pay a fine, and this information is directly mainly to that type of warrant problem.

The first Step in getting a Suffolk County warrant cleared, or "vacated" as the court calls it, is find the right court.  You must contact the correct court clerk's office to verify the location and case number of the warrant case.

The Suffolk County District Court handles most traffic citations and misdemeanor cases arising out of incidents in Suffolk County.  Check that District Court first if you are unsure of which court has your case.  For warrant cases in this court, defendants with warrants should go to the court in person prior to 10am (11 is the deadline) and make an Application to Vacate District Court Warrant.

The Suffolk County NY District Court then hears requests to clear misdemeanor and traffic warrants starting at 11:45.  Once in court, a defendant should ask the judge to recall the outstanding warrant, and tell the judge they are ready to cure the problems in the case in the right way. There is a special local form for Application to Vacate Suffolk County DIstrict Court Warrant. It's free.  

You have to go in person.  There is no effective way to do it over the phone or by letter.   
Often with warrant cases it makes sense to hire a private attorney to represent you.  This is because an experienced attorney will know how to solve the problem correctly  But there is another benefit.  In many misdemeanor warrant cases, a licensed attorney can appear in court for the Defendant who goes to work or plays golf instead.  
If the warrant arises from a Town Ordinance violation, (which are heard in the outlying District Court courthouses), or for County Court, or for aAdobe Acrobat PDF DocumentTown or Village Court in Suffolk County, you must go to that courthouse to figure out how to request that the warrant be vacated.  It is best to go in person. 

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