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Tips for Protecting Your Insurance Claim After an Accident
How to Deal w/ Warrant from Missed DUI Court Date
What is a Vehicle Code 40508a warrant?
Dealing with Petty Theft Charges Under PC 488
How to Get a Court Date on a Case With a Warrant
What Happens If U Are Caught Driving After a DUI?
Defenses to Driving on a Suspended License
How to End Misdemeanor Probation Early
Tips for Dealing with Collection Agency Claims
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Local San Diego Self Help Resources:

San Diego County Public Defenders Office
San Diego County Court Web Site
CA Dept of Motor Vehicles SD Driver Safety
Look Up San Diego Criminal Cases
Look Up San Diego County Warrants
Look Up San Diego County Jail Inmates
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San Diego Traffic Court Help
Attorney Notes on San Diego Courthouses
Notes from Attorneys actually handling bench warrant and criminal misdemeanor cases in the courthouses of San Diego County. Information on where to park, how the clerks treat people, common plea agreements etc. » read more...
San Diego Traffic Court Tips
Tips on how to deal with traffic court and misdemeanor problems in San Diego and Vista. How to clear a warrant, how to get information on why a drivers license is suspended. » read more...
San Diego Local Self Help Links
Traffic Court Links for the San Diego Area including local DMV Office, Public Defender Office, and the San Diego County Law Library. » read more...
Free Court Tips via RSS Feed
Free Court Tips Via our Twitter RSS Feed @court_tips. Written by a Licensed Criminal Defense Attorney. Tips on DUI cases, warrants, missed court dates, etc. » read more...
Attorney Sponsor Biography for San Diego
All Requests for Case Reviews for San Diego problems are reviewed by Attorney Stacie Patterson, who is an experienced criminal defense attorney for misdemeanors and felonies. » read more...
Self Help Articles by an Attorney
Free Self Help Articles written by Attorneys on common traffic court and misdemeanor problems. » read more...