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Our free self help covers serious traffic court problems, missed court dates, bench warrants, probation violations and common misdemeanors such as DWI or Petty Theft.

Local Texas Self Help Resources

How to Get a Public Defender in Texas
How the Administrative Drivers License Revocation Works
Check Your Drivers License Eligibility in Texas
How to Find Out What Happens if You Get Arrested on a Warrant
Texas Indigent Defense Commission Help
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 Attorney Authored Articles

Why It Makes Sense to Allow Illegal Immigrants to Have Drivers Licenses
Tips for Cross Examination of a Police Officer
What is a Public Defender?
How to Find Out Why Your Texas Drivers License is Suspended

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Texas Traffic Court Help
Texas Traffic Court Self Help Links
Traffic Court self help resources for Texas. Look up vehicle code sections, Contact State Police, Look Up Warrant and Court Case Info in Texas. Understanding Texas' Traffic and Criminal Court Structure. » read more...
Texas Traffic Court & Misdemeanor Tips
General Traffic Court Tips from an Attorney that deal with common problems and avoidable mistakes people make on traffic tickets and misdemeanors. » read more...
How to Get a Public Defender in Texas
Almost every jurisdiction in Texas has a different way of appointing criminal defense attorneys to represent the poor in criminal cases. Here is information on how each county appoints or assigns public defenders, and where to get more info. » read more...
DWI / DUI Drivers LIcense Suspensions
Information from the Texas Department of Public Safety on how the Administrative License Revocation (ALR) Program works. What happens to your drivers license after a DWI / DUI arrest and/or alcohol test refusal. How to fight a drivers license suspension following DWI / DUI arrest. » read more...
Texas Traffic Court Pros Blog
This blog discussing local Texas Traffic Court topics is brought to you by our local Sponsor Attorney Basil St. Clair of Tarrant County (Ft. Worth), Texas.
»
Look Up Texas Warrants and Court Case Info
Free Texas warrant search links that allow you to look up warrants and court case info online, as well as local inmate searches. Links to County Sheriffs and local courts for traffic court cases and criminal misdemeanors. » read more...
Vehicle Code Sections: Common Violations
DUI/DWI Probation violation, Failure to Appear (FTA), Suspended License violation and other common problems explained » read more...
Which Court is My Texas Ticket In?
Useful information that describes how the Texas courts work. » read more...
Attorney Sponsors Texas
Directory of Texas Traffic Court Sponsors who review and respond to our User Requests for Case Reviews. Texas criminal defense attorneys. » read more...